BJJ Techniques Are Based On The Principle That 90% Of Fights End Up On The Ground

Melbourne BJJ Classes.

Melbourne BJJ Classes.

Hopefully, you will never end up in a real fight. But if you do, it is much better to know how to defend yourself. The BJJ rule book isn’t a list of techniques you can use, it is a very small list of things you can’t do. These few restrictions exist solely for safety. BJJ makes no unnecessary restrictions because in a real fight they don’t exist. The reason most BJJ sparring takes place on the ground is because this is how most unrestricted fights end up.

BJJ Is Focused On Submission Techniques

BJJ techniques aren’t focused on causing damage. They’re focused on forcing the opponent into submission and removing the danger. This outcome is usually better for everyone involved.

Dynamic Response Training Sessions

BJJ training sessions usually begin with learning technical details, which are important to mastering the art. The problem with many other martial arts is they spend too long practising routine motions and not enough time sparring. In a competition or a fight, practitioners rarely get to perform a planned out series of precise techniques.

BJJ training is mostly concerned with sparing, or free rolling. A fighter who can adapt to a real opponent and their counter moves will be much more successful as a competitor and have a much better chance in an uncontrolled fight.

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Try out a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Melbourne training class and discover your true potential. BJJ is one of the most exciting and effective training methods. It could be the next step for your health and fitness.