The Test Of Time

Melbourne Learn To Wrestle

Wrestling Is A Primal Fighting Style That Pushes You To New Limits

Wrestling is one of the oldest practices. Human civilisations have wrestled as both training and spectator sport for thousands of years all over the world. Wrestling was first included in the Olympics in 648 BCE under the name, ‘Pankration’ meaning ‘all of might’. Wrestling is a grappling focused, full body combat style and it requires the use of the whole body to be successful. This martial art is more primal in its methods than many modern styles and has been independently discovered and practiced across the globe.

Engage Your Primal Mind

Wrestling matches are controlled chaos. Fighters practice as respectful partners without intention to cause lasting damage to the other. But wrestling is about forcing submission and this environment activates a primal mindset. Wrestling forces a clear head and increased mental acuity. Martial Arts are often a form of meditation in this way, where one is more attuned to their bodies than in everyday life. In this way, Melbourne wrestling classes are good for mind and body.

Push Yourself Harder

There is no such thing as taking it easy in the wrestling ring. When you’re in a sparring match, you are trying to recall your training, monitor your opponent, and gain a strategic advantage. There is simply no time to make excuses and slack off. Wrestling is an excellent sport for engaging yourself totally and pushing yourself physically harder than ever before, without even realising it.

Be Pushed Harder

While wrestling is not a team sport, you can hardly wrestle yourself. In wrestling, you will form healthy rivalries and opponents you will strive to beat week after week. These opponents will encourage you to turn up as you will encourage them. Regular attendance at the same Melbourne wrestling class is a difficult habit to break when you spend the week looking forward to taking your opponents down and them counting on you being there.


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