boxing classesBoxing is a very well-known combat sport that takes part in a boxing ring. Two opponents wear protective gloves and throw punches. Boxing is often referred to as an old-school sport requiring perseverance and mental strength. However, beyond this, many people are concerned about taking up boxing for exercise due to these common misconceptions outlined below.

Boxing classes are dangerous

If you are taking up boxing for exercise, then it is no more dangerous than jumping on the treadmill at the gym. The focus will be on getting in shape and having some fun in the process. You are likely to be taking on a punching bag, or throwing some punches with a friend decked out in protective wear.

Boxing isn’t good exercise

While the act of punching itself may not be enough to get your body into shape, boxing classes are designed to do just this. Classes focus on cardio and technique and include skipping, footwork drills, core exercises, heavy-bag work and circuit training. This type of workout will definitely get you into shape.

All boxers are aggressive

While it’s the role boxers play once they enter the ring, it isn’t necessarily an indication of their personality outside the ring. Don’t let this turn you off taking up boxing, some people just find it an enjoyable way to exercise and lose weight, without the need for physical violence (a punching bag is enough). Boxing classes are also a great social activity.

If you are thinking about taking up a boxing class in a calm and controlled environment, be sure to contact us today.


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