Woman Making Push Ups On The Kettle BellsWhat is MMA?

MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a full contact, body combat sport. It was first made popular by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and today it is one of the fastest growing sports around the world. It combines a variety of styles of fighting, from kickboxing to wrestling, to help fighters build an all-round skill set. If you are looking to get into MMA training, Extreme MMA offer beginner classes to start you off. Here are some tips for easing your way into the MMA training.


  1. Start off by deciding why you are interested in MMA. By setting yourself goals of what you aim to achieve with the sport, there is a clearer outcome involved to keep you on track.
  2. Speak to one of the trainers at Extreme MMA about your interest and how to get started. They are able to guide you in the right direction and provide you with some information on what to expect.
  3. Start off by focusing on basic techniques and styles. It is once you have the individual styles of fighting (Thai boxing, wrestling, etc.) down pat that you will then begin to assimilate these skills.
  4. Set up a training schedule. Depending on your goals this schedule will change. If you are simply doing it for fitness, then work it into your timetable and find out what’s best for you. If you are looking to get more serious with the sport, then it’s important to schedule a strict timetable to keep you on track.
  5. Train hard!