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A Day in the Extreme Office

By Felisha M. Mina Working behind the desk, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is … “so what do you guys actually do during the day?” If you’ve ever wondered what a typical shift looks like for our admin team, here’s a rough schedule of what happens... Read More

Meet our fighters – Daniel Schuardt

DOB: 19 January 1996Height: 185cmWeight: 97kg (normal weight) 86kg (fighting weight)Core disciplines: MMA, Wrestling and BJJ (blue belt with 3 stripes)Fight record: 2 wins, no losses (amateur) How did you get started in training? I got started into training after watching UFC and looking deeper into the intricacies of grappling... Read More

Meet our Members – Coralie Barton

Meet one of Extreme’s most humble and hard-working mothers! You’ll often find Coralie at our Ringwood academy, sporting some coconut water and bonding with her 11-year-old daughter, Amber. With a love for the outdoors, she lives a bright and active life whose motivation is highly contagious. Main Martial Arts discipline:... Read More

Coming To Grips With Life

Monash Weekly 29.8.11 From training the Taliban to leading Extreme’s wrestling team, Amin Yaqubi has come a long way, but wrestling has remained a constant companion. Click on image to read full article.

Grading tips

By Felisha M. Mina With BJJ grading season around the corner, it’s never been a better time to refine your training habits and utilise the academies as much as you can in order to improve your skills. Aside from making sure you train a minimum of 3-4 times per week,... Read More

Is MMA just for thugs?

By Jonathan Oxer   Is MMA is a pseudo-sport for overly aggressive males who just want to pick fights with strangers in the street? Last Tuesday, Channel 7 ran a story on Sunrise about MMA, and it was obvious that Kochie thinks it’s a barbaric sport that just encourages random... Read More

Meet Our Members: Amanda Adams

Amanda first stepped into our Chadstone academy with the intention to give boxing a try. Little did she know that her curiosity would turn into a moving experience that would revamp her health and mind. In the space of 9 months, the hard work in her new hobby led to... Read More

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